About Benjamin Wey

Benjamin Wey is an architect, building enthusiast, and former construction foreman, who has been enthralled with buildings and construction for as long as he can remember. He is passionate about building, engineering, cars, planes, trains, bridges, boats, and pretty much anything mechanical that incorporates excellent design and solid form. When he was a kid, he used to spend hours every day after school building elaborate earthen structures (not unlike Mike Reynolds’ Earthships) for his Hot Wheels and Tonka trucks. As he got older, his love for design and architecture grew, and he applied for several apprenticeships, through which Benjamin Wey was able to learn basic carpentry. Later, he used that garnered experience as a springboard to become a supervisor, and eventually, a foreman for a number of construction companies. While studying for his Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, Benjamin Wey worked for a variety of different companies, but always with the intention of gaining experience for the day he would branch off and build his own construction consulting firm.

After graduating with a Master’s in Architecture from a renowned California University, Benjamin Wey began working for his future father-in-law at Donofrio Construction in Southern California. Wey worked for him as a Construction Foreman for three years, and during that time, Benjamin Wey married his wife Lorraine and relocated to San Francisco to manage the company’s building projects in the Bay Area. In 2005, he felt prepared to go out on his own, and he founded A1 Construction Consulting just after the New Year. As the sole proprietor and primary consultant of A1, Benjamin Wey is able to do the work he has dreamed of doing since he was in college. He consults on both building design and construction, as well as drafts his own ideas as a contract architect. He has never experienced a career this rewarding, and he hopes to remain in this business for years to come.

Currently, Benjamin Wey and his wife reside in the suburbs of San Francisco with their three children, and they are all deeply involved in community projects. In his infrequent spare time, Benjamin Wey enjoys playing a round of golf, blogging about his favorite subject (architecture), playing Wii with his kids, and attending cultural events with his wife. He and his wife are both avid admirers of modern art and architecture, and their love of fine, well-designed buildings has only increased over the years. Wherever they travel, Benjamin Wey and his family always check out noteworthy buildings in the area. He is particularly fond of visiting landmark buildings designed by architects of the highest caliber.


4 Responses to “About Benjamin Wey”

  1. Sincerely, thank you.

  2. Benjamin,
    You are a brilliant photographer. I would like to include a few of your pictures of the Golden Gate Bridge in a TV show segment about San Francisco. It is Public Access, which means there is no funding, so I hope you will allow me to use your images without charge. I will be happy to credit you and to link to your website from mine.

    Barbara Loraine

  3. Mr. B. Wey, I have a wood sculpture, signed Wey,77′
    Any information or interest? pls. advise.

  4. i like this site, it is very attractive and it draws me into reading it.Its all the brilliance!
    A sustaining effort-I think you have worked hard.

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