The Premature Heat Wave

Northern California has been experiencing some unusually warm weather as of late. We typically have a couple nice weeks in April and May, but the number of ideal construction days has been considerably high for this early in the “Construction Season.” The stable weather has brought out the home improver in several of my past clients and created countless new ones, and the extra work has been daunting for my small business, which is only three years old.

I’m really excited about all of the challenges and the growth we are experiencing, but the workload has kept me busy. Long gone are my lazy winter evenings, when I could keep up with my hobbies, like blogging. Now I spend every spare moment out on the job, assessing homes’ structures, consulting and giving estimates on various structures, visiting and supervising job sites, and the like, and the lengthening periods of daily sunshine are only adding hours to my already long days, but I have to admit, the business has been great for my company, and it came just at the right time, when so many companies are fearing going under due to the sub-prime market. A1 Construction Consulting is in a good position to pick up the slack some closed businesses will be creating.


~ by Benjamin Wey on May 30, 2008.

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