The Golden Gate Bridge

Enjoy the following breathtaking photos of the Golden Gate Bridge: a California gem and one of the world’s most recognizable architectural triumphs.

Golden Gate Bridge

Gateway to America

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunrise

Golden Gate Bridge at Sunset


~ by Benjamin Wey on March 3, 2008.

13 Responses to “The Golden Gate Bridge”

  1. how old is this and weres fort point

  2. great pictures! The one in the clouds was amazing!

  3. Hi Amandeep,

    The Golden Gate Bridge officially opened for traffic in 1937. Fort Point is located on the South side of the straits of the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s interesting to think about how original plans for the bridge designated the removal and tear-down of Fort Point, but the chief engineer behind the GG Bridge redesigned the plans to preserve the fort. How different would the landscape have been if this engineer wasn’t so broad-minded?

  4. The golden gate bridge is absolutely gorgeous

  5. hi,

    I’m unsure about the etiquette of this, but I absolutely love your images, and wondered if I might use one of your pictures of the bridge on my website, to give some life to the concept of a tangent? I completely understand if this is not possible outside of a commercial situation, but thought I’d ask anyway…

  6. these are beautiful and i love them

  7. Is there a way to buy a print from you, really love the pictures on your website

  8. if the photos are so fascinating then how would be the real beauty?

  9. it’s verry beautyful !!!!!!

  10. c’est vraiment très très beau !!!!!
    ce pont est une vrai œuvre d’art !!!!!!!
    j’aime vraiment beaucoup

  11. that bridge is osmmmmmmmmmm

  12. i live all the way on the east coast…so this is a true exscape from the mountains

  13. Who wrote this? :0

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