Thom Mayne’s “Phare”

American architect Thom Mayne‘s design for a La Defense business district tower in Paris, France beat out those of nine other world-renowned architects. Construction has already begun on the tower dubbed “Phare” (French for Lighthouse), and the 1.2 billion dollar project is expected to be completed in 2012.

The Prototype

The Phare Mock-Up

The Work in Progress

“Phare” in Progress


~ by Benjamin Wey on February 14, 2008.

5 Responses to “Thom Mayne’s “Phare””

  1. Look’s useless!

  2. In my opinion it looks fabulous! When I visited Paris I really liked the area of La Defense, “Phare” will make it even more interesting. Have to go back in 2012 🙂

  3. The scope and fluidity of “Phare” is really what impresses me. The building truly is a work of art. Granted, the literal “utility” of art has always been something that has been called into question, so you’re point is certainly taken, Paavo.

    I must admit that I am more in agreement with Terhi, though :). I will certainly be making a trip back to LA Defense in 2012…though my money’s on that date being pushed back a bit. I think we’re all aware of the setbacks of modern large-scale construction.

  4. since this is all opinion: i think its a senseless building. its completely overpowering the other buildings of la defense. whats more it reminds me of the statue of liberty… in Paris. actually thats not a bad could be a good cultural connection anyway. how can you say this is a good addition. i mean it kicks the crap out of jean nouvelles phare, but at least his complimented the existing architecture this one overpowers it. this one lacks cultural connection. where’s the history in this building. i think he needs live in France a bit more, talk with the people a bit more. hell write a book or something cause this thing. cause like every one says its competing with the statue of liberty of France (eifal tower). its an American hamburger masquerading as a Parisian crepe. long post, long rant, sorry.

    one year old

  5. *cause this thing is way to independent. (insert were sentence randomly finishes)

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