The Burj al-Arab

Designed by Tom Wright, the Burj al-Arab ultra-luxury hotel is considered the best hotel in the world and is iconic of Dubai and the Indian nation’s urban transformation. Wright modeled the exterior after the sail and mast of a Dhow, an Arabian vessel.

The Burj al-Arab Hotel


~ by Benjamin Wey on February 13, 2008.

12 Responses to “The Burj al-Arab”

  1. wow 🙂

  2. Oh My God This Hotel is Awesome…
    I Went On To Wikipedia And The Prices Are Throughj The Roof But At Least I Can Afford It!

  3. good

  4. this hotel is my dream to get in there…sometimes…i love such architecture,really!!! it´s awesome!!! 😉
    maybe i´ll become an architect sometimes,thats my dream also^^

  5. gracias tenho reserva ai

  6. wonderful

    This hotel is one of greatest hotels of all times.
    Thanks to Owner,Created such a great hotel.


  8. Nice Architecture and wonderful interiors

  9. awesome hotel..just rulezz….this is really what is called a 7 STAR ultra luxury hotel.;)

  10. :putnam: 🙂

  11. :putnam 🙂

  12. i want to buy this hotel and i ll buy this is my challange
    i ll give a dam for it……………

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