Bridges and Buildings by Santiago Calatrava

Zubizuri Bridge Bilbao

Check these out. I think that Sanitiago Calatrava is one of the best, most original architects on the planet!

The Opera House at Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

One more: The Opera House at Tenerife in Canary Islands

The Alamillo Bridge in Seville:

The Alamillo Bridge in Valencia


~ by Benjamin Wey on January 22, 2008.

13 Responses to “Bridges and Buildings by Santiago Calatrava”

  1. The bridge by Santiago Calatrava in Valencia is Alameda.

  2. es fantastico, sobretodo su hermosa extructura, estoy maravillado

  3. […] why bridges are often the most beautiful structures – a perfect marriage of art and […]

  4. I think Calatrava is the leading Architect in the World. Period!

  5. Es magistral esta construccion bellisima en su estilo tan comtemporaneo y modernista, no soy arquitecta pero si soy de la opinion que es un estilo unico, donde la fantasia del dibujo se ha llevado a la realidad para embellezer la vida del hombre.

  6. her . work . is very . artistic .. for me i tink he his the best architect . of world .

  7. her . work . is very . artistic .. for me i think he his the best architect . of world .

  8. Whatever , this guy is a genius

  9. I visied Valencia recently, ican say that the complex he designed there is apaling, nice structures but as a public realm it fails terribly. we took a tour and asked why such a fantastic place doesnt have more public access, we were told calatrava does not like people. The opera house is badly planned and has crap acoustics…I could go on but i wont.

  10. He’s an amazing architect, that’s all it matters. As an architectural student, I strongly feels he’s one of my biggest inspirations. I will always regard Santiago Calatrava higher.

  11. hey, do you have an idea, where I can find construktin informations about the Alamillo Bridge? I have to buil a bridge for school. (sry for my english)

  12. Dis You sign Alamillo bridge in Valencia to know how many people see your web? little benjamin, you are so clever….

  13. With Hello Cheers.
    I am a student of architecture in Iran.
    I love Calatrava designs.

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